Moving Announcement
  We are pleased to announce that we will be moving into new office premise on December 27th, 2011. The new office is located in Jl. Supadio No 17, Bandung.

New Collaboration Software
  We are now using Redmine to help our team to collaborate better and also to manage our ERP implementation projects.

siriusERP 1.5 Demo
  siriusERP demo version is now available for your review. Click here to access.

Welcome to siriusERP website

Managing business is getting more complex as the company grows. There are more transactions to be managed, more processes to be done, more people involved, more sophisticated information required to produce better decision making and strategy. On the other hand, everything is expected to be done faster but yet accurate. At a certain stage, the company will probably need to implement ERP system, not only to help managing the business but also to to improve business performance and values.

Our ERP product, siriusERP, is a fully integrated web-based ERP system that comprises all business processes from sales, procurement, inventory management, account receivable, account payable, budgeting, asset management, GL accounting, production and also payroll.

siriusERP grants simple and powerful functionalities that will surely transform the way you do your business.