Moving Announcement
  We are pleased to announce that we will be moving into new office premise on December 27th, 2011. The new office is located in Jl. Supadio No 17, Bandung.

New Collaboration Software
  We are now using Redmine to help our team to collaborate better and also to manage our ERP implementation projects.

siriusERP 1.5 Demo
  siriusERP demo version is now available for your review. Click here to access.


Implementing ERP system will provide the company a lot of benefits:

•  Standardize and integrate all business processes

ERP system manages all business transactions from any business unit in a single centralized platform, crossing boundaries over different geographic locations and functional departments. Thus the system will facilitate the company to centrally maintain all standards, processes and also control. It will increase response time, output quality and guarantee better internal control.

•  Better work execution

ERP system provides required information on real-time basis that allows users to manage and process transactions easier and faster. Instead of doing clerical works, users can focus to perform supervision and control that would add more values.

•  Better internal communication and collaboration

ERP system integrates all information and enable those information to be disseminated among authorized users from other department and location. This capability eliminates boundaries and automatically foster better collaboration among the user involved in the process.

•  Maintain data accuracy

System integration allows all transaction data to be inputted once. Users from other departments can proceed using the inputted data as reference. Therefore, ERP system can help to minimize data redundancy and inaccuracy.

•  Better information for better decision making

ERP system provides up to date information in many point of view in a simple way that can help decision makers to be more responsive to a specific issue, evaluate the latest business condition faster and then produce better business decision.