Moving Announcement
  We are pleased to announce that we will be moving into new office premise on December 27th, 2011. The new office is located in Jl. Supadio No 17, Bandung.

New Collaboration Software
  We are now using Redmine to help our team to collaborate better and also to manage our ERP implementation projects.

siriusERP 1.5 Demo
  siriusERP demo version is now available for your review. Click here to access.

Our Services

In order to guarantee successful implementation, we provide full assistance from the beginning to the end of the implementation. Our services include:

Consulting service

Implementing an ERP system is a huge task. It might change the way a company do the business. Careful assessment should be taken to acquire more information about how the ERP system can suit all business needs. Some other issues should also take into account such as change management and also how to optimize the current and previous IT investment. These tasks are critical and you might need further assistance from the experienced consultant to insure everything to run smoothly as expected. Therefore, we are ready to help you providing the consultation service as part of pre-implementation phase.

Our people will provide consulting service including identifying and preparing required business feature, performing fit and gapping analysis, develop IT implementation strategy, assess technology and hardware selection, and also suggest for business process improvement.

Customization, Development, Integration & Migration

Customization generally depends on the required business feature which is identified at the pre-implementation process. We provide the all services including further application customization, new functionality development, system integration and also data migration.

Maintenance & Continuity Service

After the ERP system is implemented and goes live, the next important thing to do is to maintain the system to insure it running well. We will provide support and maintenance service to perform support, regular data back-up and also to deliver the latest patch to ensure better and high quality performance of the system.