Moving Announcement
  We are pleased to announce that we will be moving into new office premise on December 27th, 2011. The new office is located in Jl. Supadio No 17, Bandung.

New Collaboration Software
  We are now using Redmine to help our team to collaborate better and also to manage our ERP implementation projects.

siriusERP 1.5 Demo
  siriusERP demo version is now available for your review. Click here to access.

  siriusERP Product Info.pdf siriusERP Framework.pdf

siriusERP is a fully integrated compilation of business applications that provides complete solution across sales, procurement, inventory and financial accounting operations.

Company Administration

Master data, company structure, user management, etc.

Company administration is the foundation of all modules. It helps organizing and centralizing the key data for the application, defines the company structure and all related settings. siriusERP supports multi-company, multi-currency and dynamic user role management.

Financial Accounting

General accounting, assets management, taxes, accounts receivable, payables, etc.

The financial accounting management covers all accounting and financial aspects, from inputting financial information, generate documents until preparing accounting reports. It is designed to minimize inaccuracy and manual works. Therefore, once implemented, it will require less work and allow users to focus on other tasks which can generate more values to the company.


Customer management, pre sales, sales orders, delivery management, etc

The sales module is designed to cover the whole commercial process, from managing the customers, doing pre sales activities, entering sales orders until shipping process. As all transactions are inputted in an integrated way, the system can easily generate reports for further analysis, giving feedbacks to the marketing strategy execution.

Account Receivable

Invoicing, tax invoice, payment receipt, dunning, AR reporting, etc.

The account receivable module connects the sales module with the general ledger accounting module. This module supports all receivable activities such as prepare invoice, tax invoice, payment receipt, etc. This module also provides receivable reports that could give quick and accurate information about the receivable activities.


Supplier management, purchase requisition, purchase approval, purchase orders, etc

The procurement module is designed with a specific workflow to guarantee the supply and supply request to be well managed, integrated and traceable. siriusERP allows every purchase requisition to be approved by manager or authorized person, then the company will be able to control the purchasing activity better.

Account Payables

Invoice verification, outgoing payment, AP reporting, etc.

Similar to the account receivable module, the account payable module connects the procurement module with the general ledger accounting module.

Inventory Management

Warehouse management, item management, inventory transactions, accuracy, etc.

Inventory module allows the company to better manage the inventory, acquire up to date and accurate data. The system is capable for tracing functionality as it can provide exact stock location at real time basis, manage reservation and notify minimum quantity stock that enable the company to manage the inventory better.