Moving Announcement
  We are pleased to announce that we will be moving into new office premise on December 27th, 2011. The new office is located in Jl. Supadio No 17, Bandung.

New Collaboration Software
  We are now using Redmine to help our team to collaborate better and also to manage our ERP implementation projects.

siriusERP 1.5 Demo
  siriusERP demo version is now available for your review. Click here to access.

Why siriusERP

There are many ERP products in the market offering different technologies and capabilities. Which one will suit your company best? Compared to other ERP products, siriusERP provides better offers:

Customizable solution - Modify with less risks

We believe every company is unique. It has business processes and requirements which are different from other companies, even if the companies were in the same industry. We have anticipated this issue from very beginning. siriusERP is a customizable application. We build siriusERP from scratch, thus we know the application to the very details. It will allow us to customize the application with better risk control and planning. With the customization capabilities, siriusERP will be able to fit your company best.

Web-based application - be simple with the Internet technology

siriusERP is a web-based solution. The application architecture is thin and it provides a lot of convenience. Application installation, update and maintenance are centralized in the server. It will make all the works to be done easier and faster. Users can use the application just by using internet browser. When better IT infrastructure is established, user can connect to the application and work from any location. siriusERP has user-friendly and rich user interface that offers simplicity for anyone using it.

Local Business Best Practice - Better fit Indonesian Company

siriusERP is build based on Indonesian business best practice. It makes the product different from other imported ERP product. siriusERP is built especially to suit Indonesian company needs.

Platform Independent - Maximize your IT investment

siriusERP is built using Java technology. It is a platform independent application. It means that siriusERP can be implemented on various operating systems, various database systems and various application servers. This will provide more alternatives for the company regarding their IT policy, whether to utilize the current invested platform, purchase other premium applications or even to switch to open sources.

Affordable solution

siriusERP consists of several modular business applications that formed a robust business application. siriusERP can be purchased and implemented module by module, depends on the business requirements. This modular capability and our price scheme will allow you implement the ERP system at your allowed budget.